Rafael Nadal Quotes

Rafael Nadal

June 3, 1986

Manacor, Spain

Tennis Player

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I tried to find a solution to the problem that I had, tried to find a way to start playing better.

-Rafael Nadal

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The thing, when you're down two sets to love, is to stay calm, even though it's hard, because people are freaking out, people are worried for you.

-Rafael Nadal

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I always wanted to be honest with myself and to those who have had faith in me.

-Rafael Nadal

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You just try to play tough and focus point for point. Sounds so boring, but it's the right thing to do out there.

-Rafael Nadal

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I just was in the second round. That's painful, because always is tough to lose, but well, that's sport. You win, you lose.

-Rafael Nadal