Corporate Quotes Collections

Corporate Quotes Collections

July 15, 1977

Bangalore, India

Sr.Designer at Leading Corporate Company, India

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Schedule your breakfast sharp
Then everything will be scheduled on time


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Casual attire on Fridays make you fun A casual mind on all days make you win


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Work hard in a smart way


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Make sure your friendship has
Integrity & Diversity


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Pressure & Tension are lovable enemies to live with For your growth


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Goal, target, deadline, achievement and career growth – bored of these terms? Put them all together as ‘Life’


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Share your knowledge
And see yourself grow

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Have Meetings, Mid-year review, One to One and Team outing With your family also


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Do your corporate Karma
Appraisal, Incentives and Bonus on your way


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When you jump from your current company
Take friendship with you